Big Sur Honeymoon Session

Love honeymoon sessions. Beautiful, relaxed, intimate and short - and on film. An easy 45 minutes in the morning comfort, then another 45 in the late afternoon when meandering around wherever in the world you may be. 

This session was at the ever lovely Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur perched high above the Pacific Ocean, on a misty magical day in the Fall.

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Helios Memento Album Reveal

We love our Helios Memento Album and are warmed when you do too. Here’s a beautiful couple Doug photographed at the ever gorgeous Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, opening up the first few pages of their new family heirloom for the first time…

Helios Industrial Contact Sheet / ICS


We love our ICS, and some of you do too. It’s 16x20 inches and created from start to finish from 100% old school methods. It starts by photographing you or your event in black and white film, and ends up as a large contact print of selected film strips, backed and matted to museum grade specs, for you to simply slip into a ready made frame and hang on the wall. Think of it as a film storyboard or giant print of a comic strip… a conversation piece if ever there was one. All your visitors will appreciate and remark on different frames within the print, which is why it’s both beautiful and functional for your home.


One day in our old partner lab in Boston, Doug saw an option on their service guide of a 16x20 inch contact sheet option. The usual is 8x10. After asking who did these, the lab people said it was rare, but only fine art photographers who wanted to see their images a little bigger than usual, before investing all out onto a single large print of one of their images. Hmm… what if this was the final product though? What if it was beautifully backed and matted and put into a museum grade frame on the wall? That’s how our ICS idea was born.


We photograph all in black and white, either with medium format or 35mm cameras. For the medium format route, we end up with twelve images on your ICS, made up of four different strips of negatives. With 35mm, we end up with 35 frames, made from seven strips of negatives. Our lab partner in Boston than takes our various film strip selections, slides them into a single negative holding sheet, puts it high up into a special old school manual printer in the darkroom, and makes the magic happen. 

Because we photograph in both film and digital, the ICS is only able to happen if you order it before your event or portrait session. Doug will then plan and carry out all the steps necessary for a beautiful and archival 250+ year Industrial Contact Sheet for a wall in your home. 

Here are a few images showing our trusted darkroom magicians making one of our ICS prints..


Sorting the seven different strips of negatives into one negative sleeve over a lightbox.

Sliding the negative sleeve sandwiched in glass plates into a large format specialized print head in the darkroom.

Washing the prints in large 20x24 inch trays in the darkroom after they have been exposed onto the light sensitive silver gelatin paper from the enlarger light.

Snippet & Ink’s Top 13…

Just stumbled upon a blog post by Snippet & Ink listing one of our adored elopement spots in Carmel as one of the top 13 places in THE WORLD to get married. Appreciate the love and kudos to Ken Robins / officiant extraordinaire for being in the shot and showing us that great location. Also to Richard Photo Lab for their lab magic and of course, Ashley and Jacob for inviting Doug to document their beautiful day on the Central Coast.

Here’s the post:

Here’s their published wedding by Snippet & Ink:

Intimate Auberge du Soleil Wedding in Napa Valley

Thank you and our sincere congratulations to Tanya and Mike, for inviting us to capture such a lovely intimate wine country wedding at the luxurious Auberge du Soleil venue in Napa Valley this Spring. Your family was so welcoming and I had a blast photographing and joking around with you all. Also, a big thank you to Emily and the rest of the stellar staff who made the day smooth as silk and sweet as sugar.

Please enjoy some our favorite images from this lovely intimate wedding  by clicking / tapping through…

On Assignment / Sebago Lake

Gracie and Lauren flew Doug out to Maine for their amazing relaxed destination wedding on edge of Sebago Lake. They rented out Camp Mataponi, a Summer girl’s camp, and had the run of cabins, rec areas, softball field, volleyball court, and of course.. the bonfire area. It was amazing. Before all of the formal events started, Doug photographed the pre-wedding welcome dinner and the brides right after sunset in the the magic hour pastel light by the water, which brings us to the time of this video..

Four Weddings in Seven Days

Double taking on our schedule for the week looks to have four weddings within seven days. Two on yachts in San Francisco Bay, one at a cabin in the redwoods of Northern California with just the couple and their officiating Buddhist monk and the last at a lovely luxury resort in Napa Valley with a perfect baker’s dozen guest count. That’s a lot of love :) It’s an honor to photograph these dear events throughout the bay this week… thank you :)

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